Interview with Alejandro de Ara

Alejandro de Arainterview Alejandro de Ara, author Countless colors come a day death.

When did you start writing?

It has been a long process. For years I have accumulated evidence and pieces of all kinds, but I have not decided to jump until I felt ready for it. One can have an idea and consider that this is very good, and yet more often is not realized how vague is this really until you're in front of a blank sheet and try to develop it. Getting create a new universe, context, characters that you have to provide a background and a series of mechanisms ... is not easy. It requires learning and patience. And at some point last year, I felt it was time. Who or what inspired you to do? It has inspired me to write anyone who has created something capable of being moved, enjoy me, and generally enrich my world view. On the other hand, There have been several nearby people who have helped me showing interest in my work.

Why this work?

First, because when choosing a theme for the novel, more shining images in my head were these. Trying to force a particular subject will be spending many hours on a somewhat gray, and I'm sure that would affect a very negative way.

What do you propose to her?

I propose that the reader can get to see and feel part of what I see and feel. Only part, Of course. Every person is a world, and their perception conditions and is determinant of its nature.

What the reader will find in this book?

You will find a lot of passages and views, to put into perspective will eventually form a story that will always be greater than the sum of its parts. As always it happens when we speak of what happens to human groups.

What would you recommend to the reader before browsing the pages of this book?

I would recommend that would make use of your mobile phone or your computer (if not yet known) discover landscapes that have partly inspired the story. How were the towns of those people who formed what is now known as "Urnfield culture". That includes the Danube Delta, surrounding forests or the "Iron Gates". And perhaps without going so far, Necropolis Arteara or Roque Bentayga on a sunny afternoon. That way they will achieve even closer to the spirit of the novel.

What we can bring reading Countless colors come a day death?

Countless colors come a day death

I trust that brings enjoyment. And that evokes a series of images and sensations that remain long.

What writer or writers have inspired you most as a reader and why?

Herman Melville (with Bartleby) William Blake, William Golding ... The terror was for years my favorite genre, and I read somewhere especially Edgar Allan Poe and Stephen King. I enjoyed a lot with some works of Miguel Miura, and classical Epics as Iliad and Odyssey (attributed to Homer) and Virgil's Aeneid. I think the taste for epic will be felt in some parts of my novel. Poets could name Becquer, Dylan Tomas…

How did the idea of ​​writing a story set between the thirteenth century and XI A.C.. and halfway between the Urnfield culture and protocéltico, in the middle Bronze Age?

As I explained a bit throughout the interview, arise first images, and then everything else. I think it was the place and the right time for these images might come to life time. And to provide land in principle not as extensive, a natural diversity that leave felt in the way of life of its inhabitants.

Where have you inspired to create Eirian?

I have tried to bring to life what we might consider a classic hero, and doing so exposing fissures. Thus we can understand their traumas and motivations, and finally to own hero. Not the idealized person, but the triumph of this on their fears.

What we would count on The River?

It is such a beautiful place as threatening, decisively marking the lives and character of those who live in it.

What can you tell us battle?

I tried to get who read the novel experience something similar to what I experienced while the Achaeans were besieging the walls of Ilium. It was something frantic. Raw.

What method to use when writing? I think the next step I have to take. I visualize broadly and I document what I need (say for example wildlife Danube). Then if all goes well, the scene unfolds naturally.

Rate how was your experience with publishing Calliope.

It has been very positive, and always very simple communication. My opinion has always been taken into account, and that gives peace of mind. The cover design has been excellent, and the publisher has a very broad distribution networks.


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2 comments on “Interview with Alejandro de Ara

  1. I recommend it, tells the truth reflected in the words of his work. It takes you and transports you to a different era. It develops and wrapped in an interesting story.

    My congratulations

  2. I loved it. The interview reflects well on what is novel.
    It has a bit of everything, and therefore it is a bit difficult to locate. It is at times to adventures, rats love, at times war…

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