Interview with Julio Meza Andrade

Julio Meza Andradeinterview July Meza Andrade, author between times.

July, Between times is a fiction novel in which the protagonist is love What makes it different from other romance novels?

Love is just a word and may be in thousands of novels or perhaps in all, but the feeling of love is totally personal, so that will always be a feeling different from each other. I guess love in this book is a love like no other, because it is of twin souls. It's like the expression "Tal para cual". They complement each other in everything and not give way to anything or anyone between them.

Why this work? What do you propose to her?

between times, It presents a proof of love you might have and if you reflect about it, you will know if you love as a soul mate or, only you love.

How was the process of creating this work?

Normal. only imagination, feeling and written fiction.

What the reader will find in this novel?

I should not have details, but there will be radical changes from one world to another and a very unique search an amazing society.

What would you recommend to the reader before starting on its pages?

Entre tiempos

Actually, any. Just read without very long breaks, because it would be like watching a movie in several sections. These intervals will remove interest, emotion and even understanding any history.

What we can bring reading between times?

Just a moment of relaxation and let your imagination transform my story to your liking.

How did the idea of ​​writing about this love story?

There is nothing special, I just wanted to refer to the more powerful love, believed there.

Where have you inspired to create Enzo?

Enzo and Valeria are Italian, because I think they best represent the unthinking love, uncalculated, born from the womb. I think they feel a love of truth. Maybe I'm wrong and it is very likely, but that I think.

What you would count us Valeria?

As I said in the previous answer.

What can you tell us of the dreams that haunt the characters?

Your dreams are only love for life and always be the one for the other. Both only live for their loved each other. That's because they are kindred spirits.

Rate how was this third experience with publishing Calliope.

Well the word "third" could explain everything. Editorial Calliope is really excellent and I decided to publish this third work through them and also make with the fourth and many more. It has always been aware of my liking as a client author. They understand my concerns for my works, never evade my opinions and criticisms and together try to do the best book for the reader.




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