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Miguel Gallucciinterview Miguel Gallucci, author A story which no longer counted.

Miguel, this is your second novel Us, What is thread between this novel and the previous?

While I created a fictional world to give my novels, in this opportunity, A story which no longer counted, would become the beginning of everything. There are born parents or guardians of upcoming stories. Everything in the Cusitana Republic begins with this story. That's why I invite you to read, so that better understanding the facts come.

What's peculiar about your writing?, How do you define?

All adventurers writing, in any of its forms, They have their own style. I would define my style as "headstrong". It sounds out of order, but it is the best word I can find to define. I ignored simply an article I read a few years ago where the great Umberto Eco recommends to all who dream of being writers, we should do it thinking of ourselves. That is to say, find a way to please someone above your own comfort does not make sense. We must have things in an easy way and light, as if I were telling me a story myself. Who would you like to stay with some doubts? The idea is that half of the story will not be bored Book. Now that's a shame.

What inspired you to write this book? What do you propose to her?

I was inspired by the people of my grandfather, While remote and hidden, south of the Italian peninsula. Italians even know where the people are. I know because once in the Naples train station asked him, Licusati, and the girl at the tourist office replied «Licusati, what is that?"Once I got there, I realized that a few decades left behind, but it felt great. A simple and rich life, They have no need to give comfort and modern technology. What I would like is simply to see people who do not need much to be happy, in order to have a full belly and a happy heart you can live very happy, and have a clear for the free night sky pollution, sure to see so many stars we just want to keep dreaming.

What the reader will find in this story?

They will find a bit of everything. I want to take a trip to a few decades in the past and show how people lived before jocular manner and filled fantasy. Ingenuity and the ability of wonder are treasures that have been lost and want to help revive.

What would you recommend to the reader before browsing the pages of this book?Una historia de las que ya no se cuentan

Well, get comfortable and open spirit with this story in the style of the old school. I encourage you to think about their flights and those other books of fascinating stories a hundred years ago.

What we can bring reading A story which no longer counted?

This question is very difficult to answer. Conversely, I can say that to me gave me a lot as a writer. It is so far my most beloved book, I've designed with more affection and time. I hope that gives them a lot of smiles and put them to exercise imagination.

How did the idea to write about this fantastic town?

Sometimes I think everything has been said and written, but believe it or not there is still much to discover. Licusati for me was a personal discovery, and in my madness, I want to believe so, It was like when the Spanish arrived in America. They thought it was just an island, and look at everything that was behind.

Where have you inspired to create a Marco, Giacomo and José?

My three favorite sons, Marco really exists, He is a great character and friend of many years; I borrowed his brilliance and vividness and recreated in this book. A character can not be overlooked. Today society worships truly nefarious beings and not going to name, That's why I said that good people have to show it and I try. Giacomo is a creation based on my own anger and frustrations, and Joseph is pure fiction. As such I could do great and different, but with a great purpose in life.

Is there something about your experiences in this story?

A lot of my experiences, but it is also a compendium of experiences and stories told by my uncles and my father.

How important is the grandfather in history?

Maximiliano, It is pure love and kindness. It's a total misunderstood by thinking differently. The importance lies in the fact that, despite their age, He has not stopped dreaming and aspiring. Even at his age he is still sacrificing for their desires without leaving behind unconditional love for Giacomo.

Who will run your books?

My books are aimed at the many who were still in this world wanting to read, wanting to travel to the past or the future through the letters, my book is for Quijotes this time, but I really want to be for everyone.

Rate how was your second experience with publishing Calliope.

Calliope so far has been the publisher that has opened the doors to a wider audience and in the most beautiful language of all, the Spanish language. The relationship is almost familiar and very open when it comes to receiving my opinions, always in constant communication. I hope this editorial-writer relationship is always the best for both. I can only thank them for giving me the push and allowing me to share the follies that this head will not stop creating.



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