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Miguel Gallucciinterview Miguel Gallucci, author And immortal souls thief.

When did you start writing? Who or what inspired you to do?

I started writing in 2015. A few months after arriving in Panama; perhaps sadness or heat began to hallucinate me fantastic stories to cope with the change of environment I say unexpected and life.

Why this work? What do you propose to her?

When you launch the writing sometimes it is not proposed anything, only have true freedom to express what you think and feel. This story is but especially the maturation of many ideas and previous stories, but always within a magical imaginary world. I propose only share and give a little bit of what my head is able to invent with the sole purpose of dreaming and smiling.

What the reader will find in this book?

A very similar world we live, but always in a fresh journey full of history and simplicity, easy to digest that will leave us wanting to follow in the literary imaginary time, realistic and magical, with characters and situations that take us out of the humdrum reality and absurd.

What would you recommend to the reader before you start browsing through the pages of this book?

I recommend going off the reality that absorbs us and away from our inner child, that that was not afraid to dream or imagine. Get ready to laugh, to fall in love and to horrify. Here's a little bit of everything.

What we can bring the reading of the immortal souls and thief?

This great little story gives us one thing and that is that readers discover the message or messages inherent in it, because over time I realized that not everyone we get the messages in the same way. But surely we will think a little, away excess comfort, routine and thought conditioned by modern society. Always with humor and imagination.

What writer or writers have inspired you most as a reader and why?

Being a citizen of the world, born south of the border, it would be impossible not to mention Gabriel García Márquez, I borrow him that wonderful magical realism that found in the first book I read when I was in primary, Story of a castaway; Reference is impossible to ignore Hundred Years of Solitude, That was the book that made me think "when I grow up I want to be like é», but I would add to my works a little facetious fate to give my personal touch and madness. As not remember Romulo Gallegos and miss Barbara, or the Great Mario Vargas Llosa, with The city and the Dogs,but if there is a book to read to become a real writer and passionate reader is The Count of Monte Cristo Alexandre Dumas.

How did the idea of ​​writing science fiction emerged?

El inmortal y la ladrona de almas

The idea of ​​science fiction or fantasy novel is born simply because I do not want to have more of the same; I want to become a good or bad influence as the case, because my goal is to get them all to imagine.

Where have you inspired to create Damiano?

He is a particular character; its raison d'etre in the story is to highlight the power of the immortal. Damiano is all that we would not be, It is that these things happen you do not want to happen to us, but even in its absolute unlucky life he shakes hands through an unexpected character, and however dark the night, the sun came out for him.

What you would count us immortality of Cosimo?

Cosimo is very lucky, because inadvertently came into the world with a gift and a special power by which most people are able to do whatever. Who does not like to be immortal occasionally only to not finish a fantastic adventure or to turn the world a thousand times. Cosimo is immortal because it has an important mission in the world and is directly or indirectly help the good way in this vast herd of naked apes called humanity.

What can you tell us the thief of souls?

I can simply say to them that beyond the beauty and power of a person, the only thing that makes us immortal is love. She steals souls because it has not yet managed to capture her soulmate, and search has become an immortal too, like love itself. Your little problem may be selfishness, but hey that's up to her and Cosimo ...

What method to use when writing?

Good question, I would like to have a good answer. I can only tell you that I get carried away. yes, I always need to have paper and pencil in hand because when the head begins to give birth Ideas, not to see until the work is finished.

How has your experience with Editorial Calliope?

Editorial Calliope, It is a house and as families live in houses, so I can see them. As a family who cares for his people. I appreciate so very much that take the time to read me, give me the opportunity to reach people, first by email, then I would evaluate my book in record time and I know they are always full of work. The contact was almost always direct and instantaneous, very professional and always attentive to my ideas and proposals. What else can I tell you, I want to continue working with them at least with my next two or three hundred books. I wish you every success because if they succeed, we all have and more people read us. In this world where almost everything is invented, believe beginners, believe in new ideas worth a lot. I can only tell all uppercase and "thank you".




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