Interview with Ana Luisa Flores

Ana Luisa Floresinterview Ana Luisa Flores, author of Fear or anything.

When did you start writing? Who or what inspired you to do?

I started writing last year 2018, I wanted to give this story my dad, but he died of a heart attack. My life crumbled and collapsed, but something told me I had to finish this story, I know that inner voice is my dad, So he wrote this story and keep writing.

Why this work? What do you propose to her?

This story is about fear that tries to grab you, in order to paralyze you and not let you move, but you should always listen to that light or voice inside you that defies fear and brings courage you've always wanted in your life.

It's when you get brave and do your best when all around you starts to change. Everything you think you can stop, It is no longer an obstacle in your life.

I want the reader to see this radical change in the life of Yathziri and can experience the same emotions that read.

What the reader will find in this book?

In this play, the reader will find how people lived before in Tikal and Tenochtitlan, the transformation of life Yathziri a fearful princess around, to become a brave princess and confident. Fear, treason, first love, unexpected death, bad decisions, forced love, new adventures and experience true love.

What would you recommend to the reader before browsing the pages of this book?

I recommend the reader to see both sides of life, when your life is immersed in fear, but also how it gets out there and see life differently, because it has a better sense.

What we can bring reading Fear or anything. Story of a Mayan princess?

Reading can bring them how to overcome your internal and external fears of a simple way for any human being: believe in yourself, inside voice. Open your heart even if you have broken it once and recognize the value of people who want to help.

What writer or writers have inspired you most as a reader and why?

Writers who have inspired me are two J.K. Rowling y Paulo Coelho. J.K. Rowling wrote an original story and we discovered that magical world because she never gave up and Paulo Coelho has always inspired me her positive outlook on life, Although his characters go through a world of trouble always finds them a solution in life.

How did the idea to write this story of overcoming fear came?Miedo o nada

A voice inside me told me I had to write something I had experienced and convey to readers my experience as I could overcome fear. Thanks to these experiences I could write this story of how with the help of God, I've been overcoming fear, Thanks to him I am where I am, alive and encouragement to continue fulfilling my dreams.

Where have you inspired to create Yathziri?

I was inspired by Yathziri when I studied my master. We were given a kind of history of my country,Guatemala, and I knew that then had kings, queens, princesses, etc ... I wanted to write a story where they saw a part of my country, and its very rich history.

What you would count us in Yokoo?

Yokoo is a person who lets manipulated by his father the king of El Mirador, since childhood taught him that you have to win at all costs, regardless of whether it hurts people. his pride, arrogant and unfeeling heart made him lose in the game of love.

What can you tell us Jasen?

Jasen is the opposite of Yokoo. The person Jasen fate put in your life without realizing that part of your heart. It is the person who values ​​you as the great woman you are, that being with him makes you a better person and motivates you to not be afraid in life, Y, even if you have lost hope of falling in love again, He will create an environment where your heart turns to love and find your home.

What method to use when writing?

My method for writing is simple, nothing I sit at my desk, I close the door, I put my headphones, I listen to music and start my inspiration. And of course, You can not miss my coffee cup.

Rate how was your experience with publishing Calliope.

I was knocking on doors in editorials to give me the opportunity to publish my work and thanks to Editorial Calliope I have that opportunity they can read my work. They have also been very patient with me about details, I appreciate the responsibility that made my work.



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