Interview with Guillermo Osuna, author of fullness and intensity.

Guillermo Osunainterview Guillermo Osuna, author Fullness and intensity.

When did you start writing? Who or what inspired you to do?

I was about seven or eight years old when my mom found a paper thrown in the trash, while he is sweeping and said: Whose is the story of perritas? I was sorry that someone found one of my written thoughts, and for that reason he had pulled. However, I was pleased to arouse the interest or even a little admiration of my mother.

I remember that on that sheet of paper describing striped hair texture two small dogs and the joy of encontrármelas on the street and follow me. In fact, one of them appears in a line of my story My opportunity.

Why this work? What do you propose to her?

My main purpose is to expose, allow others to know further and have a complete idea of ​​what I am. We can say that is a way to introduce myself, extending his hand for a handshake acceptance and continue this journey as good friends.

If this would be possible, I wish some of these stories to become short. To see who are encouraged to work on them to bring them to life on the screen.

What the reader will find in this book?

Fullness and intensities are fifty-one short and deep stories to read and re-read; to start where you want, without order or chronology.

So varied are his subjects as endearing characters: Nina and her gifts, death, the Blue Deer, the Muñe, the teacher, Centella, the cats, the cats, Lunarians, lovers, the writer, the princess (del Iztaccihuatl) and the Dragon (me djembe), Junior, the painter and the Model, and others.
They are reading to read while traveling, for fun, to remember the game of marbles, to get on a crowded bus, for calculations, witness a crime, live a disgrace, have an orgasm and scandalized.
This work is for intense and daring readers, incomodarse and willing to be reflected in the mirror of raw human reality.

What would you recommend to the reader before browsing the pages of this book?

Caution, respect and openness, because they are playing live lyrics, notes that revive and sound at the touch of your eyes, characters who know seen and judged. Only that.

What we can bring reading Fullness and intensity?

My wish is that these stories are able to integrate within readers and some of his characters become endearing. Maybe they can become symbols of a small personal tarot or archetypes that allow you to experience new sensations and encourage you to explore the infinite variety of beings in which you can become to transcend.

It is highly likely to read this book will contribute the courage to expose and we can see ourselves under masks.

What writer or writers have inspired you most as a reader and why?

I must confess that I am not a great reader, but if a great listener, Be listening. I like simple stories that come wrapped with joy, laughing, mixed feelings, bitterness, ira, despair, pain and sorrow.

Triviality bothers me, the repetition, Fashion, places and common phrases, superheroes and untouchables and indestructible people.

Where there exists someone vulnerable and sincere, I want to be around to hear his story.

With true admiration appreciate my fellow workshop tale letters Paints, Manuel Pazarín and the group of writers who took with me his story workshop, and Hugo Miramontes as a great counter funny stories and original.

How did the idea of ​​writing these stories emerged?

Fullness and intensity

Are stories and stories that I was saving for the last twenty years as a small world recreation, but I decided to post them so that furrowed the physical and virtual world, like a bottle into the sea, looking like people who mutually enrich our existence.

If the concern of writing these stories emerged, surely it is because they have a greater purpose in staying buried in a hard disk.

Definitely, I dread the thought of having invested so much time in creating such beautiful creatures and they do not find readers who may adopt.

Is there a common thread among them?

Actually, there is a thread that connects all the stories, Nevertheless, Yes there is a main essence that lives and deeply feels to go through all the stories and can be represented by a man or woman of any age.

All we have had a physical body that allows us to properly develop ourselves on this planet, However, our soul is infinitely mutable and free to act and experience what pleases.

How much personal experience in these stories?

Definitely my writings have something, or much, autobiographic. They speak more of my life than my creativity, and although that leaves me naked, I consider it necessary.

More than a writer I consider the main actor of my stories and so I is not so difficult writing.

What method to use when writing?

I write stories begin as a memory, a story with a main idea and an end. If I can properly define an interesting affair with a good ending, and I can only build links words to integrate all.

Sometimes I think that my writing is like:

A well-structured coffee talk.

A dream that has lost its vagueness to make consistent and digestible.

A deeper and thoughtful journalistic investigation of my actions.

A well-told joke.

Teaching that uses landscapes and characters to facilitate awareness.

Rate how was your experience with publishing Calliope.

Editorial Calliope represents an open door to all the writers who have the courage to show the world, using excellent materials for printing books, as well as a valuable distribution in traditional media and social networks.

They have a modern scheme of interaction between writers, designers and editors to avoid bureaucracy and achieve the publication of the works in record time.

I very much appreciate this opportunity to be part of their satisfied customers and I can assure you that the price of their services is very accessible and much lower than that of other publishers.


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