Interview with Jaume Marsó

Jaume Marsóinterview James Marsó, author abusers target.

When did you start writing? Who or what inspired you to do?

He had written a short story of young, but shame he had not shown anyone. When my daughter celebrated her first communion, That was when I decided to give him a story in which she was the protagonist. I saw the illusion in it to receive my book, It was both a great gift for me. After that I decided to try a more serious novel.

Why this work? What do you propose to her?

Already if, I am a person who can not stand injustice. The continuous barrage of news about gender violence was what led me to wonder write about. My purpose is to reflect this evil that plagues our society, but with the approach of a woman who stands up to the bullies.

What the reader will find in this book?

In this novel the reader will find a young woman who carried circumstances make it judge and executioner, first his brother, and then to undertake a crusade against other abusers who live in your area. Also he perceives the fears and frustrations of the victims, and the lack of empathy and cruelty of their attackers.

What would you recommend to the reader before browsing the pages of this book?

My recommendation is to put on the skin of the protagonist and think about the path she decides to undertake possibly would be that we would all if our daughter, sister or mother suffered a case of abuse and his life was in danger. Fortunately we have laws that protect us and even though they do not always work, we live in a civilized society and we must trust the police and judges

What we can bring reading abusers target?

A critical look at a society that, despite its technological advances, sometimes it seems to want to go back to the caveman. Also a fun and quick read, with a protagonist who I am sure that readers will empathize with it quickly.

What writer or writers have inspired you most as a reader and why?

Objetivo maltratadores

I have read many writers: Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Arturo Perez-Reverte, Michael Crichton, Camilla Läckberg, And brown, Julia Navarro, etc., but if I were to choose two, Stephen King and Joel would Dicker. Mr. King stay with their imagination and how to create incredible stories from everyday situations and characters. De Jöel Dicker, engancharte their way into history, It is dynamic and mysterious, for me it is an addictive writer.

How did the idea of ​​writing about batterers?

As I have commented, the constant daily barrage of violence related to gender events generated me and continues to generate unrest. One night I went to bed angry after hearing the case of a woman stabbed by her ex-partner, I imagined it would be like to be an abuser against a woman who physically and mentally overcome.

Where have you inspired to create Andrea Aguado?

I sought out an independent woman, strong and confident. From my experience in special forces, I knew someone who undergoes the training of a demanding body undergoes a very powerful physical and mental transformation. If I remember correctly, here in Spain only four women have managed to be "Green Beret". Andrea Aguado is inspired by these women whose strength and determination have led them to achieve their purpose.

What you would count us cases of abuse described in your book?

Abuse cases appearing in the book are a reflection of who we often hear or read in the news. We abusive and violent pederast, the psychological abuser, the sadist and bordering on psychopathy. To all of them I wanted to give them a distinctive hue. I have also included women as abusive because although we always associate the abuser as a man, there are many cases of women who abuse their partners.

What can you tell us of abused characters in your novel?

Sister Andrea is a fragile and gentle temperament young man who has the misfortune to fall into the hands of a monster like Raul. As for the other women they are part of different social classes, their partners are toxic beings who get sick and break their will so that raises the question whether to continue living.

What method to use when writing?

For my work I can just devote myself to writing in the evenings and on weekends. When a scene or idea crosses my head, I write in the first piece of paper that I find and then use it in the novel. Otherwise, I try to write simply and enjoyable, I attempt to get in the skin of the reader.

Rate how was your experience with publishing Calliope.

For someone inexperienced like me, It has been very rewarding to have trusted my novel and I have been advising on the different steps for the publication. I can only say I am grateful for the treatment received and I hope our paths cross again.



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  1. I am lucky to meet Jaume Marso and be the first ke you read Perpetrators target and have loved me…red hot topic ke have in our society by desgracia.Andrea Aguado is a woman take up arms .What recommend

  2. I have not yet had the good fortune to read your book but critics who have done so are excellent so I'm anxious. I wish that you continue with that imagination and ingenuity, you never stop writing and especially you enjoy doing…and success will be waiting…..yes when you get the Nobel not forget your compis jejejejeje (certainly not).

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