Interview with José Manuel Castro, Nigeria author

Jose-Manuel-Castrointerview José Manuel Castro, author Nigeria.

When did you start writing? Who or what inspired you to do?

I started about thirty years ago, and my inspiration comes at an early age when I read different books of adventure and saw me creating my own characters

Why this work? What do you propose to her?

This work stems from the need for what lived during my travels in Africa, and the purpose is to present the reality where many young people are sexually exploited by mafias trafficking in women.

What the reader will find in this book?

The reader will find some real facts, where the toughest scenes, They are a frightening reality, which as almost always exceed the fiction.

What would you recommend to the reader before browsing the pages of this book?

To sit in a quiet place and enjoy reading, This will transport you to a terrifying world, where innocent young people are deceived and exploited, scorning their basic rights of freedom, by unscrupulous people, They do not hesitate to sacrifice if your darkest desires not fold

What we can provide reading Nigeria?

Reading bring us reflect on the calamities that some people live in African countries, where the life of many young, worthless, They are mere commodity to unscrupulous service, convinced of their superiority over women. Those men almost always leave their despicable acts immune, due to strong corruption prevailing in these countries.

What writer or writers have inspired you most as a reader and why?Nigeria

Cervantes, Garcia Marques and Ramon del Valle Inclan, the overwhelming narrative showing in his immortal works.

How did the idea of ​​writing appeared on the White Slave Traffic?

The idea emerged during the many trips I made the African continent, I met real stories firsthand, told by girls who were exploited by criminal organizations, and the most amazing thing was that these young people accepted it as normal, just to get out of their miserable lives clung to the lies that the organization offered them.

Where have you inspired to create Juan Lafón?

Juan Lafón is inspired by a real person, and born thirty-five years ago as the protagonist of a science fiction trilogy, called Lake.

What you would count us Nikita?

Nikita is a naive young woman full of fantasies, it clings to a false promise to overcome poverty. This fact leads some people will trust that the delivered crazy insane, which will make you live the scariest moments of his short life.

What can you tell the Inspector Yashira?

Hide La inspectora, He is a fervent advocate of these young people who are sexually exploited, and to free, no doubt he is risking his life and fight the powerful mafias who run around at will and corrupt the system based on black money.

What method to use when writing?

I do not follow any method in general, when I start writing, I am driven by the narrator, which it is ultimately the one who has the ability to create

Rate how was your experience with publishing Calliope.

Experience is still good, They are attentive and patient, always maintaining fluid communication.



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