Interview with José María Parro White

José María Parro Blancointerview José María Parro White, author The residence coswort, first part of the trilogy The foundation.

Jose Maria, this book starts your second trilogy What does your predilection is because this format?

While I recognize the advantages of digital books, the paper book has a special charm; Nevertheless, for me, excessively thick volumes make that charm diminish the difficulty of handling. So, try the copies are manageable.

Will could read the books in this trilogy independently each other or you need to follow a set order when entering The foundation?

Literary sequencing has different time advances, I'm afraid that requires a global linear reading; I even dare say, which it is necessary embedded in each chapter, otherwise the baggage of actions and leave too many loopholes chain.

¿What you have this novel innovation regarding the earlier you posted?

It is a novel cutting police, in concept, totally different from the above, but it has current and futuristic connotations.

What is the essence that remains in all your novels and is also present in The foundation?

The human condition. The ambition, the power, the money, love, hatred… (and good contrast: bad).

Your previous books are among the historical novel and science fiction, Why now a detective novel?

One way to prove to myself that I was capable of writing genres as diverse (missing by editing copies of other categories, social criticism, politics,…)

The residence Coswort

What's distinctive character of Malaga commissioner Elias Aguirre, which makes it unique in this genre?

Elias Aguirre is not a super agent cinematographic use, but his work, the fate and politics, They strung a series of events that bring renown.

This book, Does it indicate any veiled social criticism or mixture of Russian mafia, a "malagueño 'Commissioner, a nursing home, etc. are only instruments intermingled that facilitate your form of expression?

Nothing is written in veiled, the second alleged intention is evidenced in the direct enunciation:

From the machinations and connivance of the various mafias.

Fraudulent arms sales (If there is one not to be).

The hopelessness of a life and old age unattended, a lack of staff, based on profit business sense, in maintaining minimum ratios care, instead of pursuing the full welfare needs of older.

And above all, large fortunes or lobbyists who unofficially direct the policies of countries, turning their elected representatives into mere puppets and citizens in mere numbers.

What do you expect the reader to find within The foundation?

The attractive enough for the desire to continue reading incites him to do so. If the reader also extrapolates from the prism lines of thought or meditation the better.

What has contributed to you writing this book? What drives you to keep writing?

Whenever a work is finished it is a matter of personal pride. However, knowing that before its publication, readers of different approaches coincide in reading and acceptance of the novel is a pleasure.

What importance do you give to the imagination and tenacity for a writer? Do you think there's a writer's craft?

both virtues, as usual, They are essential in the world of the novel. Of course, all human activity is feasible to derive a trade, It depends on the qualities and effectiveness of whom try. Innate writers are few.


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