Interview with Julio Meza Andrade

Julio Meza Andradeinterview July Meza Andrade, author Behind the Uniform.

When did you start writing? Who or what inspired you to do?

I started writing the year 2014, precisely from February. Once I stopped working, My concern not do anything interesting with my time, He led me to write a novel type story, which "Rainbow Dreams" is titled. Close people like my family, He read it and I had many compliments about it. It motivated me to write that and I did until 2016 constantly and fruitfully. During that time I wrote several long and short novels, as some stories. Thus far, I have dedicated myself to correct and purify them; While, I have written other things sporadically

Why this work? What do you propose to her?

"Behind the uniform", It is the only work that is not of my creativity, if not, It is part of the reality of my life. When I wrote many years ago, the treasured just for me, it costs me to reveal my private life to the public. However, near to the present day and choose to share mulled. I intend with this work, It has to do precisely with share and disseminate, for a part of the truth that is not counted in Chile, is known for the world and especially for the youth of my country, who has not had the opportunity to know the reasons for the coup in Chile. In the same way, I wanted to tell as is the military life, because it is a different life, interesting and unknown civility.

What the reader will find in this book?

This work is divided into two interesting components for the reader. You will learn step by step, as he was breaking the country before the military coup 1973 in Chile and sufferings of hunger and need that ordinary people suffered. It will also include, similarity to what happens in Venezuela, what makes this more interesting and contemporary work with that event explode soon.

On the other hand, It is known as the life of a military uniform. You know of stories and anecdotes that live outside and inside a military base. You will know it is a hard and distinct netherworld.

What would you recommend to the reader before browsing the pages of this book?

Good, the reader of my work would suggest you sit in a comfortable place and get carried away by this true story. I guarantee that it is a different reading, interesting and entertaining. You will find innovative and incredible situations and in the initial stage, with some similarity to the painful present life of Venezuela.

What we can bring reading Behind the Uniform?

I think the input of a reading is subjective and atingente each particular reader. However, there is an implicit contribution of truth and reality, to sustained biased opinion and political information. This work shows a way of military life that is different from the common and on the other hand discloses an unknown truth, You Deserve to Know

What writer or writers have inspired you most as a reader and why?Detrás del uniforme

I respect and admire the writers consecrated, but I do not follow anyone in particular, nor any inspires me in my work. I intend to keep my own form of expression without influences, it clear, entertaining and for all types of reader, that is to say, without much verbiage and verse, that could alter the sense that I intend to express through the letter.

How did the idea of ​​writing your autobiography came?

Something had said before about. I felt the need to write something real, a story that arose from my imagination. My life is like that of all, problems and everyday situations, so that was not an option write about it. However, my military life was very interesting and the time that I lived in my youth so was, so what prompted me to transform it into a story written.

How important in your life has had military coup in Chile?

The importance of the military coup in Chile has been very important in my life, as in the life of the nation. Personally we suffer delays, as well as in the country's progress. However, we must recognize that this tragic event was necessary at a time, given the desperation and helplessness for the quality of life we ​​led. In this point, You can compare Chile at that time with Venezuela today and wonder what the breaking point is to recover that country. Will the solution a coup?, Maybe an external intervention? As you can see, there is the same crossroads 1973 in Chile and any solution other than relinquish power voluntarily, in this case Maduro, will produce deaths and victims of many parts. The blame for this, the future will tell. I say this, because while they ruled the military in Chile, the murderers were extremist political and governing politicians today, the murderers were military.

What you would count us about what it means to you write a part of history through your life?

I think it is an exhibition of my privacy, but granted by me voluntarily. I also think it is necessary towards a hidden truth, it should come to light. In any case, this very real story of my life, during its realization I move very painful memories, I would not want my children or others suffer.

What can you tell us of subjectivity involved all autobiography?

In this regard I can not do much. My story is written from my reality and reality is entirely subjective for every reader. Honestly, I have tried to present the facts as real as lived, for the reader to think according to their own perception.

What method to use when writing?

The truth is that I do not use methods or perhaps my way of doing, not knowing, is one of them. Sometimes I have the beginning, a final or character; then I sit at the computer and the story is formed in my imagination, such as a film. After the leo as any reader and then debug some things. the particular, is that when I have a success story, to finish the work, This never seems.

Rate how was your experience with publishing Calliope.

I would just like to thank the opportunity to publish my first work with you. Editorial Calliope think support is a dream and hope for every writer, to give a real chance to pass a literary expression to the world. If the publication of my work ends smoothly, It would be my first published work and surely that would give me inspiration to keep creating the rhythm I started me. So important is the contribution that provides Editorial Calliope, for me and probably for all.



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