Interview with Monica Stevens, author of The Secrets of American culture

Monica StevensInterview with Monica Stevens, author of The secrets of American culture.

When did you start writing? Who or what inspired you to do?

I started very young, with a poem in English on the United States Constitution Speech Contest for American Legion, I won the first prize in Mexico. Later, I work for a public relations agency in Mexico was in charge of translating the press releases that were received for promoting clients like Levi Strauss, Argentinian airlines, Sheraton hotels, Tourism Canada and British tourism. Eventually I started writing the newsletters myself. Even after a trip to England I made Article Who says England not eat well which it was well received and published in several major newspapers in the country. Mundo Ejecutivo magazine, He starting at that time, He offered me a section to which I called "Mexico, Yesterday and today... "in which he wrote about reminiscences and traditions of ancient Mexico, such as the Charreria, History of Tourism in Mexico, Fashion and Casasola Archive (a superb collection of photographs from 1900 until 1970 which it is now part of the General Archive of the Nation).

In England I was a foreign correspondent for E Diplomatic and Consular writing about subjects like "Urge promote tourism to Mexico ». Over time I started writing books like Mexican Traditions for Children and English without Teacher Student (republished in 2018 and published now only as English without Master).

In the United States I wrote for the Oakland Observer, Lawrence Technological University and Madonna University (where I also taught) and was Political Analyst in Detroit for, an online publication

my article The Cultural Component of Global CSR ("The cultural component of Corporate Social Responsibility") It was published in the Guide to Best Practices in Social Responsibility and Public Relations News and PR 2008 I made a presentation in English on the political influence, social and economic of Mexican migration on the welfare of the United States presented at the University of Oxford, England.

Why this work? What do you propose to her?

The United States is always in the news and in the minds of everyone around the world and today, more than ever, I think it's a good time to provide a little more depth what the country actually, without stereotypes or preconceptions.

What the reader will find in this book?

You will find that the United States is not only an important financial and political power worldwide, but also a country full of color, of history, in the mood, Unexplained traditions and unexpected and interesting aspects, product of their unique training and recent reality (especially if compared to Europe and Asia).

What would you recommend to the reader before browsing the pages of this book?

Think for a moment in the United States, not as full of controversies country that fills the pages of global publications, particularly today, but as a country with an interesting multiculturalism that has developed customs and traditions, many of them unknown in the rest of the world.

What we can bring reading The secrets of American culture?Los secretos de la cultura americana

I think it's going to bring more culturally Americans and help us better understand. My book presents human aspects, mistakes, achievements, droll situations and incredible laws that give the reader the impression that they are dealing with an old friend, with its flaws and virtues, with tragedy and humor that make it more real and accessible to the world.

What writer or writers have inspired you most as a reader and why?

I like the depth of investigation of Lucy Worsley, English historian, author of If Walls Could Talk. I am also fan Agatha Christie absolute for his impressive knowledge of human nature. Mexican writer Veronica Gonzalez Laporte love for thoroughness and detail of his book Leonardo Márquez, The Tiger of Tacubaya, the same as the English novelist Katie Hickman, author of Daughters of Britannia which describes in detail the experiences and sacrifices of the sisters and wives of British diplomats through history.

How did the idea of ​​writing about these hidden aspects of United States?

as a researcher, I am always searching for information for my presentations and articles and some of the news I read really seemed alarming, so I started looking for additional sources to corroborate what he had just read. One day I came across a list of old laws in the United States but does not really apply anymore, remain in effect. I could not believe what I was reading! It was so interesting all the information that had been slowly discovering that decided to prepare a compendium with several of the data and write a book.

How did you manage this data collection and statistics?

I take many years working on research data and statistics to my articles, so it was not difficult - although plaintiff in matter of time go slowly finding arguments, news and publications that underpin the subject that interested me share with my readers.

How long has it taken you document yourself for the book?

The information contained in this type of book takes a long time, so I started to collect data over three years. Even at the end I had to upgrade several of them because I suddenly found that the source of online information had disappeared (especially in the case of scandalous news) and he had to find a new source. It was somewhat complicated, although most interesting.

What method to use when writing?

I like to sit at the computer with a coffee and my dogs aside. This makes me concentrate better. And always I write day, Night creativity not given me!

Rate how was your experience with publishing Calliope.

Extraordinary! My contact, Rosa, it's great. It has been the most patient person and prepared that I have tried in an editorial. Despite being away physically, I felt the presence of Calliope Editorial closely. Whenever I had doubts, I've made any changes, or I added information, the publisher has been ready to support me.


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