Discovering the greatest treasure in you


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Discovering the greatest treasure in you

LAUNCHING May of 2017
ISBN 978-84-947176-3-5
ISBN digital 978-84-947176-4-2
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AUTHOR: Eleazar Ruiz


Wealth and personal fulfillment, They are basically available to all those who wish, enough simply to discover the abundance that is inside each person; To do this simply you have to be willing to put action.

Everything that is written in this book, It is based on faith, in love, compassion and hope; principles that exist and will exist, What were the key to start a new path, a new way of thinking, a mission with vision see it in mind, supported with infinite strength, energy as I call it whatever you call God, the giver of life, Giver of wealth, prosperity and happiness we all want and seek to have, and have, it is necessary to work on being then take; and in this book you will discover.

Thanks to many books, Today we have more information about self-improvement, that helps us discover strengths we already have, and we did not know use. Now we can use them to benefit others and consequently we help ourselves. And so the rich and prosperous people think very differently; they have known how to use his gift and talents.

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