Do machines may think?


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Do machines may think?

LAUNCHING April 2017
ISBN 978-84-946735-2-8
ISBN digital 978-84-946735-3-5
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AUTHOR: Lluís Pifarré


The technological development of the present and the immediate future is, maybe, the question of more and more fundamental scale that is affecting and will affect today's society, and implanted rapidly, will transform the way we work and in many ways our way of life, you entering in the so-called posthumanism eras and transhumanism.

It is not surprising, so, dreams and hopes and fears and perplexities even aroused by this new technological era that opens before us, is lined with all kinds of opinions; optimistic, other skeptical, even pessimistic that are reflected in this work.

Because of that, and there is an extensive bibliographic information, technical and humanistic, this great social and technological phenomenon that invade our lives.

The central question in this book is based on the question of whether the machines with artificial intelligence will reach such a degree of perfection that can think like humans and even surpass. To this question, The author Louis Pifarré, attempts to refute for the first time this important question the existing literature by their knowledge of human thought, exposed along these pages, a refutation protected by solid and convincing arguments.


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