By Any One Life


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By Any One Life

LAUNCHING 9 April 2019

AUTHOR: Jan L. L. Parellada


A Life for All is a novel which required three years of research to be written and published. The story came to the author for the report of a psychologist with over 40 years of experience and considered the issues in this case the most impressive work that had served throughout his career. Based on true events, the lives of two women is told in episodes that are inserted between the protagonists and Nininha ROSELI.

Nininha is a girl from the four-year-old began to be taken by the mother for meetings with their lovers. His role was to remain seated and quiet corners of cheap hotel rooms, where he is witnessing intense sexual life of his mother with the most diverse types of men. Rita, mother Nininha, is the most challenging character of the work, a beautiful woman, smart, manipulative, unpredictable and a psychopathic cruelty. Nininha lives with four brothers and his father Antonio, a good man of character, But a weak figure, that just as the children are puppets in the hands of Rita.

ROSELI is a woman tormented by her husband Osvaldo, that submits to humiliating situations. The alleged Roseli sexual frigidity is the alleged husband's alibi to expose it to absurd attitudes. She, not knowing how to defend, and after three suicide attempts ends up looking the therapist Mauro Loman, that before a virtually irreversible situation uses all his repertoire of psychotherapist. Loman is adept of behavioral psychology, inside of which it has developed its own methods and unorthodox treatment.

The stories of Nininha and ROSELI are so amazing how fascinating. There is no way go unnoticed by them. They are further proof that the absurdities of reality in fact transcend fiction.


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