About us


Editorial Calliope

We are lovers of books and we have been working more than ten years in the industry. We know the ins and outs of publishing, but mostly books and their writers, wanting to give readers the best of all of them to open a whole world of pages that make flying the minds. Open roads that guide lines and letters to navigate seas about other worlds.

Our team consists of men and women who perform their duties with all the love in the world. We want to show the best books to our readers, and give voice writers pen (the keyboard), so many words full of enthusiasm and wisdom have resulted in the leaves.


We love books and why we take care of their authors and each of his words.

Calliope is the muse of poetry, our spiritual guide to inspire a good job

Reach all readers, our goal.


We have a distribution network that makes the books become notable among readers. We believe that it is essential a good promotion and therefore we keep presentations, acts, Press releases, etc. Our authors to achieve their success.

Mesa trabajo
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