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Carolina CasasCarolina Casas

I have a BA in History from the University
of Texas at El Paso.

Since my love of history started, I am still invested in these three eras: ancient, medieval, and early modern history.
Writing about this stuff is not easy. History is not exact because there are so many gaps missing and the records are not absolute truth. As a result, historians are careful whenever they try to fill in those gaps.

Out of the people I am slightly bias towards is Elizabeth I of England, Isabella I of Castile, Edward I of England, Emperor Justinian and his consort, Theodora, Lady Xoc, wife of Itzamnaaj B’alam II, Harriet Tubman, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Alice Paul, Hatshepsut, Empress Wu Zetian, and Ramses II.

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