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Helen R. DavisHelen R. Davis

Is the internationally award-winning author of Cleopatra Unconquered, the first in a series of novels that imagines the world if Cleopatra, the final queen of Egypt, had triumphed at the Battle of Actium and a world history that imagines events centered around the dreams of Cleopatra VII, Julius Caesar, and Marc Antony. A long-time devotee of Cleopatra, Davis has also long been intrigued by European history and by Anne Boleyn, a woman caught between Spain, France and England. Davis is also intrigued by Boleyns’ second home of France. She resides currently in Casper, Wyoming and has also authored Evita: My Argentina that explores the life of the controversial Argentine First Lady Eva Perón, as well as Athena: The Warrior Queen of Yavdolo, which is a science fiction novel. She is also a co-author to Isabella Unashamed.

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