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Luiz CanalesLuiz Canales

Luiz Canales, Born in Quatá (SP), Brazil, into his grandparents’ circus, Luiz Canales comes from an international show business family that includes at least some ten nationalities.
From this international environment Luiz Canales inherited the love for acting, travelling and speaking other languages. Until he was eight years old he acted in the circus; but in 1951 got a contract with the pioneer TV station, Televisão Tupi, channel 3. Luiz and his brother Henrique, switched from the cicus arena to TV studios in São Paulo. In December 1964, Luiz Canales said »adiós» to TV cameras, said »ciao» to his crying »mamma» and left for the United States to try the American Dream at Brigham Young University. Luiz worked his way through college without scholarship or depending on his parents; he won all the battles with his own sweat as an immigrant. The American Dream did work.
He received his MA degree in 1975. A Bachelor in Arts he was the holder of a BA in a double field, British-American Literature and Spanish-American Literature.
During the decades of the Eighties and Nineties he contributed regularly as a freelance writer to Japanese and Brazilian newspapers and magazines. He is the author of; Japan-Bewitching and Alienating (1982), Contos tristes (1982), Mishima by Canales (1985), Imperial Gina – The Unauthorized Biography of Gina Lollobrigida (1990), etc. He is now working on an updated English edition of Imperial Gina and rewriting the same work in Spanish, both of them to be published this year.

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