The most happy. An alternate history of Anne Boleyn


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LANZAMIENTO agosto de  2017
ISBN 978-84-947176-8-0
ISBN digital 978-84-947176-9-7
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 Colección Blue collection

AUTORA: Helen R. Davis


Anne Boleyn is known throughout the world as the beheaded wife of King Henry VIII, a woman for whom Henry discarded a Spanish princess and who was later discarded for the woman who gave Henry his longed-for son. Love her or hate her, it cannot be denied her romance with Henry VIII changed the course of English and European, and perhaps World History, forever.

This is a novel that imagines Anne Boleyn giving Henry a son and taking the reins of power as Regent of England when Henry VIII perishes in a jousting accident.

Told in the voice of the infamous Anne Boleyn, we are treated to the 16th century world that has recently become famous through programs such as The Tudors. We meet Anne Boleyn, Henry VIII, and many of the personalities of the mid-16th century albeit in an altered setting.

How would this era and time, a pivotal one in Western Civilization, have changed if one the movers and shakers of the period, Anne Boleyn, had not been struck down in her prime by the man who once adored her?

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