Whip, love and videotapes


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Whip, love and videotapes

LANZAMIENTO 27 de febrero de 2019

AUTHOR: Luiz Canales


As strange as it may seem, this work combines the whip (the author being a strict university professor), love (for he is compassionate), and videotapes (movies to attract his students’ attention). Thus combining more than one theme but never loses focus: the myth of Japanese education.

Canales thesis is that there is no educational system in Japan; instead he affirms, there is nothing but indoctrination. The reader will be surprised to discover that the Japanese university education is way behind that of its counterparts in Europe, the United States, and also behind some of the outstanding universities in Mexico, Brazil and Argentina. As a university professor in Japan for four decades, Canales knows his business and he writes about it with authority. For the author, the archaic and brainwashing Japanese education is a circus. Born into his grandparents’ European circus in Brazil, the author and the Canales family moved into radio, TV, stage acting and the movies. Therefore, he is in a position to refer to this old fashioned teaching system as »oh what a circus, what a show!»

The present volume brings live and real detailed information about Japanese education right from Canales’ daily classroom lectures. Whip, Love and Videotapes teaches and entertains. These pages contain no lies; the Japanese educational system lobotomizes, brainwashes, and castrates Japanese students. Written as a diary in Part I, and in short style in Part II, Whip, Love and Videotapes is thought-provoking, absorbing, revealing and fun to read.


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