Interview with Cynthia Lorena Perez

Cynthia Lorena Pérezinterview Cynthia Lorena Pérez, author of A little piece of heaven.

When you start writing? Who or what inspired you to do?

I started writing between 10 Y 12 year old. It all started as a game as it used to write stories with illustrations and interchanged with which to date I think is one of my great friends, Veronica Gutierrez. I remember we wrote about one week or fortnight depending on how extensive it had been the previous and later she moved to the United States and continued writing for myself and as he grew, these little stories became longer comic with some deeper issues which was treasuring as drafts and then update some of the modern era today.

Why this work? That you propose to her?

I wrote this book thinking and wishing perhaps in the near future, a better world, full of love and hate and greed away, where all human beings of different races and nationalities could live together in harmony as they are increasingly countries are experiencing economic crises, including mine and see that they are sadly only a few beneficiaries. Similarly I would like to sensitize people to take better care of our planet, because we are running with it and this is already reaching its limit, by sending clear messages to each do the right thing.

What the reader will find in this book?

The reader will find an inspiration to focus on all the blessings we receive and have and sometimes not perceived to be the simplest and perhaps, reading the book, there is the possibility of wanting to make his life a deeper and meaningful experience there in front.

What would you recommend to the reader before you start browsing through the pages of this work?

To be prepared, it will travel through time knowing each of the developmental stages of the protagonist of this novel which, I am convinced, they will be highly motivated by their example of life, while the reader gets to know until the end of this beautiful story.

What we can make reading a little piece of heaven?

In the course of my life I have convinced more and more that "nothing in this world happens by chance" because every person we dealt in our lives will we always leave something to learn from it either bravery, fortress, humility, respect, perseverance, etc, or we will learn much more suffering and sacrifice unlike other and it is precisely this book. How there are certain people that mark us for life, although it was long or short the time when we met, there will always be this inexplicable connection to it, as if they were kindred spirits and although fate might want to separate them, it will never be possible because there are simply so strong bonds of love that can never be broken.

What writer or writers have inspired you most as a reader and why?Un pedacito de cielo

I read very good writers but recently read Anand Dílvar, Mexican writer best-selling author, lecturer and is distinguished by its great human warmth. I was also moved by the reading of Thich Nhat Hahn, nominated for Nobel Peace Prize, because it draws attention to the profound simplicity with which their messages reach and conquer says something:

"The source of love is in us and we can help others realize that happiness is within reach. Only word, an action and a thought to reduce the suffering of another person and give joy. "

How came the idea of ​​writing about difficult experiences that Victoria passes?

It is, unfortunately, it is an issue for today traverse thousands of human beings in one way or another since the economic crisis of any country unfortunately hit some more than others resulting in the poorest the hardest hit. However, Here the protagonist of the story gives us a great example of how a great attitude and desire to succeed always remain steadfast, They take you to achieve your goals in life.

Where have you inspired to create Victoria?

Those who know me well, They know that I have volunteered at organizing potlucks hospitals for oncology, nurseries also popular with underprivileged children, As in the canteens serving food for the homeless people and with this I have realized the need to spend a lot people, feeling inside me a great impotence poderles not change the lives of each and this book, somehow, It is a small recognition of all the hard work they do every day to get ahead.

What you would count us Mila?

Mila is an exemplary mother and I wish everyone could have one like it, as it could be said that the word "perseverance" was invented by herself. I feel are few people who have ever left a mark for life for their tips life or his imposing presence and strength and Mila, without a doubt, is one of them.

What can you tell Alex?

Alexander is one of those loves of your life that cross your path you can never forget, so you try to delete or remove them from your mind, always be printed that indelible mark in the depths of your heart for its tenderness, complicity, joy or his great loyalty to you, as, whatever happens, he will always be there, even in the distance, and back without thinking twice next to you at any time you need it, reconfortándote always waking up.

What method to use when writing?

First, I imagine a nice story or something that suddenly occurred to me in a dream awake or asleep and then begin to collect brainstorm I suddenly come to his head and for this, I always carry a notebook as, I find where I am, I have to point them not to forget. When I already have enough information, I'm weaving a story and I imagine as if I was sitting alone in a chair in front of the cinema screen, I disconnect a bit of the world and begin to imagine that is what I would like to see on the big screen. I think of something that caught me so that I would not get up for anything seat, also looking to leave the reader with a great taste, something that can serve him positively, motivating him or somehow change their perspective towards life.

Rate how was your experience with publishing Calliope.

It has been fascinating from the start since this is my third book published with them and since I said the first he had been selected, from across the world to be published in Europe, the editing procedure has been wonderful, because the whole team from the publisher have worked with great professionalism and quality in printing books, always taking into account your opinion in each of the stages of development of the book. The truth is that I am extremely grateful to the publisher for having actually one of my biggest dreams in life.



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